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Red Zone: We are very excited to get started on your fence project. We've processed your order with our manufacturer, and materials will be ordered as soon as possible. We will send you another update when you progress into the next phase: Yellow Zone - material ordered, waiting for arrival*. *Note: Depending on the material of your fence, timing between stages will vary. Cedar and steel products are produced in-house, while vinyl/aluminum/chain-link are custom-ordered from our manufacturer. Our goal is to keep you informed along the way. Thanks again!

Yellow Zone: Our supplier has confirmed your order, and they have your material in the queue to be manufactured and delivered. Once we receive your material, we will update you to the Blue Zone: Staging/customizing the material. Thank you for your patience!

Blue Zone: Amazing news, your material has been delivered! For our cedar and steel products, itโ€™s now time to customize this material to make it truly a Bepsoke Fence. For vinyl/aluminum/chain-link, we are currently staging your material to load onto our trucks. Once completed, you'll receive a notice for the final stage: Green Zone - ready to schedule install.

Green Zone: Your order number is coming up in line! We prioritize jobs based on order number and scheduling availability. When the project before you is completed, we will head to yours. If you have any special requests for a date, please call us at 312-600-3690. Please understand that it's our policy not to start a project before finishing the prior job, so we cannot guarantee an exact date/time. (Our schedule is subject to change day-to-day, hour-to-hour).