Fence Design & Install: FAQ

What kind of fence options do you offer?

We offer a wide range of fencing options, including cedar, steel, vinyl, aluminum, commercial chain link, and composite materials. We also offer a variety of colors and finishes.

Do you offer fence installation services?

Yes, we offer professional fence installation services for all the types of fences we provide, including cedar, composite, steel and more!

How long does it typically take to install a fence?

Installation times can greatly vary, depending on the size of the project, the type of fence, and the specific conditions of your property. However, most residential fence installations are completed within 1-3 days of installation start.

Do I need a permit to install a fence?

Permit requirements vary by city and county. We recommend checking with your local authorities. If a permit is needed, our team can help guide you through the process.

Do you offer fence repair services?

We currently do not offer repair services. We specialize in the installation of new fencing systems.

How long will my fence last?

The lifespan of a fence can vary depending on the material. For example, vinyl and composite fences can last up to 30 years, while wooden fences usually last around 15 years with proper care. Our cedar and steel fences last at least 20 years.

How do I maintain my fence?

Maintenance depends on the type of fence. Vinyl, composite and aluminum fences require little maintenance, while cedar fences may require regular staining. We will provide you with specific maintenance instructions for your fence type.

What are the costs associated with installing a fence?

Costs can vary based on the type of fence, the size of the project, and the specific conditions of your property. We provide free estimates to give you an accurate cost.

Do you offer warranties on your fences?

Yes, we offer a 5-year workmanship warranty on all our products. The specific terms of this warranty can be discussed during your consultation.

What is the best time of year to install a fence?

Fences can be installed at any time of year, but weather can affect installation times. Spring and summer are often the busiest seasons for fence installation.

Can I install a fence myself?

While it’s possible to install a fence yourself, we highly recommend professional installation to ensure the fence is installed correctly and securely.

How do I get started with a fence project?

You can start by contacting us for a free estimate. Our team will work with you to determine the best fencing options for your needs and budget.

How do I contact you for questions, concerns or to schedule a service?

You can reach us via phone, email, or through our website. Visit our Contact Us page for more information.

Do you adhere to sustainable practices?

We strive to use sustainable materials and practices wherever possible, including recycling and responsibly sourcing our materials.

Are there financing options available?

Yes, we offer several financing options to help make your fence project more affordable. Contact us for more information.

I have a question that isn't answered here. What do I do?

No problem! Give us a call at 312-600-3690 and we’ll do our best to answer all of your questions. And when you’re ready for your free estimate, just click the “Get An Estimate” button at the top right of this page!