Eco-Friendly Fencing

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Published on June 13, 2024

Do you want a sustainably sourced fence that looks great and will last for years to come? Of course, you do! 

Unfortunately, not all eco-friendly products are built to last. Bamboo fences, for example, do not stand up well against harsh Chicago winters, while softwoods, like spruce and pine, need to be chemically treated to prevent rot.

At Bespoke Fence, we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for sustainability. This is why we offer sustainably sourced fences made from red cedar wood. Bespoke’s eco-friendly cedar fences are built in-house using top-quality Western Red Cedar wood.

Why Red Cedar?

Red Cedar is prized for more than its rich, warm color and pleasant aroma. It is also incredibly durable, making it ideal for outdoor building projects! 

Western Red Cedars can live for over 1,000 years in the wild! Because of its natural fortitude, the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest have used red cedar wood for centuries to build everything from canoes and totem poles to everyday items, like ropes, baskets, and clothing.

Today, Red Cedar is the go-to building material for outdoor landscaping! It is ideal for furniture, decks, and fences. That’s because Western Red Cedar is rich in natural oils, like thujaplicin. These oils protect the wood from moisture and insects, making it naturally resistant to rot while eliminating the need for harsh chemical treatments. Red cedar is also preferred for its low shrinkage.

Bespoke’s Cedar Fences

At Bespoke Fence, we offer Red Cedar fences in a variety of styles to fit your needs!

Privacy Cedar Fence

What happens in your backyard stays in your backyard with Bespoke’s Privacy Cedar Fence! This fence combines a more traditional look with tightly spaced wood to protect you from nosy neighbors’ prying eyes. Our Privacy Cedar Fence pairs nicely with Georgian and Gothic Revival style architecture.

Horizontal Cedar Fence

Bespoke’s Horizontal Cedar Fence combines the security of our Privacy Cedar Fence with a more modern look. Its horizontal build perfectly compliments Mid-Century Modern and Minimalist architecture.

Shadow Box Cedar Fence

Our Shadow Box Cedar Fence features slats for increased airflow, so you and your guests can enjoy the outdoorsy scent of our Red Cedar as a spring breeze wafts its rich, earthy scents to you. This additional spacing also lets in more light than our privacy fences, making it ideal for crafting a cozy outdoor living space. 

Spaced Cedar Fence

Want even more spacing? Then our Spaced Cedar Fence is perfect for you! Its wide slats support a more open design concept.

Board On Batten

For farmhouse charm, look no further than Bespoke’s beautiful Board On Batten style cedar fence! Clients love this fence for its quaint, rustic appeal. Board On Batten is simple, chic, and highly functional. 

Custom Cedar Gates

If Bespoke’s beautiful cedar fences were a rich, earthy sundae, our custom cedar gates would be the cherry on top!

Disclaimer: We do not expect you to eat wood chips. This is only a metaphor.

Bespoke’s artisan woodcutters will work with you to design the perfect cedar gate for your dream yard. Whether you’re looking for something open and inviting to go with your new Shadow Box Cedar Fence or something modern and secure to compliment your Horizontal Cedar Fence, we have the solution!

See For Yourself!

If you still have questions about our beautifully crafted Red Cedar fences, stop by our Beverly showroom, or later this Summer, our North Shore showroom in beautiful Northfield, IL for more information!