Why Composite Fences Are Better For Your Yard Than Vinyl Fences

Louie Kaczmarek

Published on July 6, 2023

Composite fences (or pvc fencing) with an aluminum frame and vinyl fencing each have their own advantages, but there are several benefits of composite fencing that could make it a better choice in certain situations.

Picking the right fence for your yard is a tough decision. You need to have something that protects your family and your pets well. But you also want a beautiful fence that will match the look of your home. So here’s a breakdown on why composite can be a better option than vinyl:

Composite Fences vs. Vinyl Fences

Fence Durability

Composite materials are generally more durable than vinyl. They resist weathering, fading, and decay better than vinyl. An aluminum frame also enhances durability, providing strong support that is resistant to rust and corrosion. You don’t want to have to replace a new fence within 5-7 years of buying it, so fence durability is VERY important.


Aluminum framework provides an added level of strength compared to a fully vinyl fence, which can be particularly beneficial in areas with high winds or for fences that need to support the weight of climbing plants or heavy decorations.

Dark composite fence, horizontal


Composite materials can mimic the look of natural wood more closely than vinyl, which can give your fence a more natural and appealing aesthetic. It also comes in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing for greater customization.

Zero Maintenance vs. Some Maintenance

Both composite fences and vinyl fences require little maintenance, but composite fences with aluminum frames tend to require only minimal cleaning and don’t need to be painted or stained like wood does. Vinyl fencing won’t hold its new look for as long, and it will take additional cleaning to keep it looking new. When it comes to maintenance, you can’t beat our PVC composite fences!

brown composite fence pvc 2


Composite fences often use recycled plastics and wood fiber, which can make them a more environmentally friendly choice than vinyl. You’ll be doing your part!

Temperature Resistance

Composite fencing with an aluminum frame doesn’t warp or sag in high heat as vinyl sometimes can. Because of our pvc composite fences strength, they also hold up better in strong winds, through cold winters, and again, through the hot summers.

Vertical gray composite pvc 2

Remember that these benefits can vary based on the specific products being compared. Other factors such as cost, installation complexity, and personal preference are also important to consider. Before making a decision, give us a call at 312-600-3690, and our team at Bespoke can help you out! If you’re ready to make a decision, click the button below to get your free estimate: