Choosing the Right Material for Your Fence in Chicago’s Climate

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Published on June 27, 2024

You wouldn’t build your house out of driftwood. So then, why build a fence with flimsy second-hand materials?

Your yard deserves better! Protect it with a fence that can withstand Chicago’s harsh winters and humid summers.

Chicago-Certified Tough

Bespoke fences aren’t made for mild California winters or dry Colorado summers. Bespoke fences are made right here in Chicago and are built to withstand anything our crazy Midwest weather might throw at them! 

Below is a list of materials tough enough to build a Bespoke fence out of! They include all of the sturdiest building materials short of Kevlar and titanium. 

Red Cedar

Bespoke’s eco-friendly fences are made from the toughest trees this side of the Atlantic! We use

Western Redcedar because it’s rich in natural oils — like thujaplicin. These oils protect the wood from rot caused by moisture and insects without the need for harsh chemicals.

Redcedars can live for over a thousand years in the wilds of the rugged Pacific Northwest. Their natural fortitude is why indigenous peoples have used them for centuries to build massive woodwork, like canoes and totem poles. 

In addition to its toughness, Red Cedar is also prized for its rich, warm color and pleasant smell. It’s ideal for crafting an inviting outdoor space to host friends and neighbors. But unlike other woods, like maple and birch, Red Cedar will last for years without rotting or warping. 


Celebrate your Chicago heritage with a classic aluminum fence!

Chicago winters will corrode most metals, but not aluminum! Aluminum is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, which is why this style of fence is so popular in Chicago. That and nothing else looks as good next to a greystone! Plus, aluminum’s lightweight makes it easy to work with, which will help you save on installation costs.


Bespoke’s steel fences are our longest-lasting product! Steel does not warp or rot, unlike certain types of wood fences. And it’s non-combustible in the case of a fire. 

A steel fence is also a secure way to protect your property from petty criminals or the prying eyes of nosey neighbors. (Karen can grow her own petunias next door. Thank you very much!)

Our steel fences are elegant, secure, and come in a variety of styles. You can choose between security, decorative, or commercial steel. (Hint: there are no bad options!)


Say goodbye to painting, staining, and sealing with a maintenance-free vinyl fence! Vinyl fences are cost-effective and require virtually no upkeep — making them the ideal fence for young couples who are too busy with raising the Cub’s next all-star pitcher to spend their precious little free time fixing their fence. 

However, if your vinyl fence eventually collects a smattering of muck and grime near the bottom, fear not! All you need is some soap and a little water to get it looking good as new.

Like all of our other options, Bespoke’s vinyl fences are resistant to intense weather, like blustering winds, torrential rain, and relentless UV exposure. They’re also recyclable and come in a variety of styles. Choose between privacy for your peace of mind or spaced for a more open concept.

Composite Fences

Calling all the fence riders who don’t know which material to choose. This one’s for you:

Bespoke’s composite fences combine vinyl’s benefits with a wonderful wood aesthetic (similar to cedar, only darker). 

Talk to a Fencing Pro!

If you want to enjoy a maintenance-free that can withstand freezing Chicago winters and boggy summers — you know who to call!